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Updated: Dec 11, 2020

First things first, what exactly is social media?

Social media is the use of online platforms to market yourself or a product. It is a field that takes a lot of effort to master, just like any other skill.

1. Know your target audience.

Determining potential consumers is quite easy to define in our minds but what’s difficult is how you get them to avail your services and trust you. First, you have to figure out a way on how to reach them, their age group, which social media platforms they use? Is it Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? If you really have no idea then talk to someone from that age group, they could be your cousins, your younger brother’s friends, uncle or even your parents. Go out of your way just to get an accurate idea and information because remember - your business is on the line and that information is crucial to your success.

2. Be consumer-centric.

Put yourself in a consumer’s shoes and list the things or qualities you would want to see in a brand. It’s about finding the pulse of the people, where you stand in this arena of consumer world and what sets you apart. Find what tickles their curiosity and utilise those ideas into a creative output for a content that would direct them to take the plunge into your business.

3. Be a contemporary communicator.

What this means is that you have to religiously check social media and other online platforms. Understanding where people are paying attention to whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, LinkedIn and so on. Coming to terms that television, print ads and radio advertisements are costly and overpriced and not to mention, fleeting. So create contextual content to that platform in order for it to click and feel natural as opposed to being forced and fake. You can’t just create a commercial and then upload it on YouTube or Instagram, what you definitely must do is produce content that is specific to that platform. Right now, the video app Tiktok is the most popular social platform with over 2 billion all-time downloads worldwide and is still increasing!

4 Accessibility counts.

Blur the lines between you and your customers. Introduce yourself as the person behind your brand and connect with them because consumers want to see real people as opposed to actors advertising products. Business is a game of trust and the more trust people have for you, the more chance they will buy and come back to you.

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